Revealed! – The Secret To Finding Free Diabetic Supplies

After spending several hours going in circles searching the net for free or low cost diabetic supplies such as the meters, we began to get slightly frustrated as we would come across several of those “free stuff” or “coupon code” type sites, and they were often too cluttered and riddled with ads and pop ups etc. Nothing against those sites, they are great when you are simply browsing for deals, however we decided that there should be a go to resource that lists just diabetic supply’s that are commonly free or are part of some sort of deal. So in my spare time while learning to create a website I created this site to help you find current and up to date information on offers that save you money on your diabetic supplies such as glucose meters, test strips, lancets, and information resources to help manage your diabetes.


What Can You Find On This Site?


In addition to that, we have also created a library of information, articles, videos and guides that help you manage your disease and pickup some helpful tips along the way. Some topics include written guides and videos that show you how to test your blood glucose levels properly, how to use various devices, and information and reviews on various models and products available on the marketplace.


Collection Of Special Offers For Free Diabetic Equipment!


That’s right, we have spent considerable time and effort scouring the net and other websites to find high quality deal that will save you money. We are always updating our list and our goal is to make it the most comprehensive resource for saving money when purchasing your various supplies and equipment. You can always view the list by eitherĀ  CLICKING HERE to view our latest offers we have collected. Or you can click the link at the very top of the page that says “Click Here To View The Offer Collection” This is where we maintain an updated list of any suppliers offering free supplies, mainly glucose monitors.

Over time of course, offers may expire or change. We often check the links to ensure that they are still working and the offers are still current. However if you come across an offer that is no longer valid, it would be a great help if you could notify us.

Also, we could also use your help with this site. If you come across any diabetic equipment offer that we may not have listed we encourage you to contact us with the offer details so we can add it to our list. Our goal is to compile to best list available online. We want to be the “go to resource” when it comes to helping you save some money on your costs.

Enjoy the site, and we welcome any feedback positive or negative on how we can make this site better!

You can get in touch with us at any time through our simple contact page, click here to access the form.